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By Charles M. Kelly

I’m not much for holiday celebrations, but it is that time of year when we are all supposed to give thanks for our blessings. I was raised in a rather informal church (the minister, Sunday school teacher and my parents taught me conflicting ideas), so I am not entirely clear on just who I should be thank or precisely how I should be thanking them. But I was taught (by everyone) to say thank you, so I’ll say a few thanks and hope I’ve got it covered. And pray that anyone I’ve overlooked is feeling forgiving.

I’m thankful that my 93-year-old stepmother is still alive. I’m even more thankful that, for whatever reason, she has abandoned her campaign to get me married before she goes. (Good thing she doesn’t surf the Internet or this blog could cause me some problems.)

I’m thankful for my editor/tenant/friend/mentor/boss/sparring partner/brother-in-all-but blood Dennis Kaiser. (Remember, Dennis, Thanksgiving is just one day out of 365.) I’m thankful for co-workers on and off the Island.

Speaking of Catalina, a place I’ve covered for years but seldom had the pleasure of visiting, I’m thankful for stories I might not get to cover anywhere else. With respect to Jim Watson, I find the Island more fascinating than mysterious. Of course, it’s the people that make a place interesting—so thanks to everyone on Catalina Island.