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Christmas is over. People are making plans for New Year’s Eve. I expect most people will opt for a quiet New Year’s, seeing as the first day of the New Year will be a Tuesday. (I can’t help noticing that the current Islander Poll shows most Islanders are planning on celebrating at home with friends.)

I’ve never been one for parties, so in my case it would be the same if New Year’s fell on a weekend or a weekday.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a fun weekend. And, like everyone else, I’m hoping next year is better than last. I’m not saying it was a bad year. Yes, the economy is not what it could be. But the fact remains that most of the people I know have been surviving if not thriving. That’s a promising start.

Maybe next year, or the year after, I’ll get to visit the Island for New Year’s. I’d like that. This year it wouldn’t be practical—I have work and personal commitments here on the mainland. But Catalina is a lovely place—I much prefer the clear waters of Avalon Bay to the murky waters off the Seal Beach Pier—and when it is practical, I’d like to visit. Until then, Catalina—happy New Year!

My name is Charles M. Kelly. My editor Dennis Kaiser and I will be updating the Islander blog for you in addition to updating the website itself. The goal: a blog that adds to your enjoyment of the Islander.

I’ve been writing for the Islander for a few years now, first as an outside contractor and later as a full time employee of the company that owns the Islander. It has been fun. My favorite story, so far, has been the one about the falconer hired to rid Avalon of its less desirable birds. Ironically, one of my favorite teachers—and oldest friends—was involved in falconry for a few years.

Let the fun continue.

Always a pleasure,