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As of Wednesday, Dec. 18, the Thompson Reservoir water level measured 399 acre feet. On Thursday, Dec. 12, the water level was also 399 acre feet.

For the moment, the Thompson Reservoir water level is holding. The water level measured 405 acre feet on Thursday, Nov. 7. That is the same measurement reported on Thursday, Oct. 31.

The Thompson Reservoir water level as of Thursday, Oct. 31, 405 acre feet. Last week, the level measured 411 acre feet. It is no longer a question of whether by-the-gallon rationing will begin, but when.

The Thompson Reservoir Level as of Thursday, Oct. 24, is 411 acre feet. By-the-gallon rationing becomes mandatory when the water level drops to 300 acre feet or less.

As of Thursday, Sept. 12, the Thompson Reservoir level measured 435 acre feet, a 7 acre foot drop from the previous week. Fresh water usage is expected to to decrease as the tourist season has ended and there are likely to be fewer visitors using water in Avalon. However, only rain—a lot of rain—will cause the fresh water level to rise. Water rationing will become mandatory when the Thompson Reservoir level measures 300 acre feet or less.

As of Wednesday, Aug. 28, the water level at the Thompson Reservoir measured 448 acre feet. Last week, the water level was 451 acre feet. The positive side of the decline in tourist activity as we move from summer to fall is that water usage will decrease, which in turn will slow the drain on Avalon’s supply of fresh water.

The bad news is that unless we get a lot of rain in a short period of time, strict water rationing—which goes into effect when the water level reaches 300 acre feet—is inevitable.