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This week I updated the story about the DMV’s seizure of license plates of 12 graymarket mini-trucks in Avalon last September.

I sympathize with the 12 Islanders who had their plates confiscated, but there’s a reason the so-called graymarket has its name. While not overtly illegal—like the “blackmarket—neither is it a perfectly proper market. You may get a bargain circumventing regulations when you buy graymarke, but you may also be left without support if your product doesn’t perform as expected—or a government agency says you shouldn’t be allowed to use the product. That’s what happened here on Avalon with the graymarket mini-trucks. I don’t believe the truck owners planned on breaking any rules, but they should have at least wondered out loud why the cars had the driver’s wheel on the “wrong” side of the car.

Avalon officials are trying to help the buyers of these cars. Fair enough. I honestly believe these individuals did not realize they were breaking the rules. But I’m going to be less sympathetic if this happens again any time soon. You can object to rules, you can protest rules, you can write your legislative representative and ask that he or she change the rules—but you have to abide by the rules.