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For the moment, the Thompson Reservoir water level is holding. The water level measured 405 acre feet on Thursday, Nov. 7. That is the same measurement reported on Thursday, Oct. 31.

The Thompson Reservoir water level as of Thursday, Oct. 31, 405 acre feet. Last week, the level measured 411 acre feet. It is no longer a question of whether by-the-gallon rationing will begin, but when.

The Thompson Reservoir Level as of Thursday, Oct. 24, is 411 acre feet. By-the-gallon rationing becomes mandatory when the water level drops to 300 acre feet or less.

Bad times, like good times and glory, are fleeting. It’s always a good idea to remind yourself of that when you are about to go through a long, hard time or you find yourself enduring a series of problems.

Avalon has serious financial challenges. Avalon has a crumbling sewer system. Avalon now needs a new hospital, according to Council Member Ralph Morrow, I don’t have any answers. I don’t even have a clue. If I had either, I’d offer them.

But I’ve been watching Avalon’s city leaders for a few years now and I have confidence that the council and city manager will find a way to meet the city’s needs. As a journalist, it will be interesting to see them go about making that happen. As a fan of Avalon, it’s going to be hard to watch because the task they face isn’t easy by a long shot.

If you read this week’s Catalina Islander, you know that it is quite likely all Southern California Edison electricity customers will help to foot the bill for improvements to Catalina’s drinking water system. At 9 cents a month, the increase will ruin no one’s life, cost no jobs on the mainland, ruin no businesses.

Yet I expect some mainlanders will object on genera principal.

We’d like to know what you think about this. Is it really fair to ask people who do not live on the Island to help pay for Island utilities?

As of Wednesday, Aug. 28, the water level at the Thompson Reservoir measured 448 acre feet. Last week, the water level was 451 acre feet. The positive side of the decline in tourist activity as we move from summer to fall is that water usage will decrease, which in turn will slow the drain on Avalon’s supply of fresh water.

The bad news is that unless we get a lot of rain in a short period of time, strict water rationing—which goes into effect when the water level reaches 300 acre feet—is inevitable.

The Thompson Reservoir water level, as of today, Friday, Aug. 23, is 451 acre feet deep. Water rationing begins when the water level reaches 300 acre feet.

When Sean Brannock founded the Kids At Play program, he couldn’t have known he was creating an institution. Twenty years later, he has had a chance to celebrate his achievement. I hope I’m around to see the 40th anniversary celebration.

First, I have to congratulate Wayne Griffin, president and CEO, of the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce for earning the California Chamber of Commerce President’s Circle award to Wayne Griffin for “Outstanding Achievement as an Advocacy Partner and in Helping Businesses Comply with California Labor Laws.”

Second, let me offer my congratulations to 2013-2014 Chamber of Commerce Board Chariman Kevin Strege.

Pat Jamieson and I never met face to face, but we were co-workers. We exchanged emails and phone messages on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She was a delight to work with. I was sad when she left the Islander. I was sorry when she left the Island. I wish she were still here. Farewell, Pat.