One thing I’ve noticed from watching Avalon City Council meetings is that public attendance and participation are sparse.

Avalon residents face serious challenges: a city deficit, a crumbling sewer infrastructure, increasing taxes, a dwindling water supply and an extremely seasonal economy that is vulnerable to the mainland’s economic ups and downs—just off the top of my head,

The problems won’t solve themselves.

City officials are doing what they believe is best. However, they are not supernatural beings. They are people. They can’t know everything–least of all what you think. You have to tell them what you think. If you can’t attend council meetings in person, watch them online and email your representatives.

I’ve been covering city governments for a long time. Yes, it is sometimes dull. Yes, you sometimes have to sit through a tedious report or two before something interesting comes up. But if you make a habit of watching or attending City Council meetings, you may just find yourself watching and participating in the best drama/comedy around. And it will be real. And it may just make a big difference in your life.

Or you can stamp your feet and whine when city officials make decisions you don’t like. Your choice.

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