While Avalon is facing a massive deficit, there is some good news that’s worth pointing out. I’ll keep it simple and brief.

• Catalina has no outstanding municipal bonds, so that’s one debt that simply doesn’t exist.

• Staff expects improved bed tax revenues this fiscal year.

Now if we could just attract more tourists.

Still, there is something to be thankful for in the face of a challenging local economy and insufficient rain to bring Avalon out of Phase One water restrictions. Have a good weekend, everyone

One Response to “Good financial news”

  • Roberta Black:

    Unfortunately many of the tourists we attract are deeply disappointed with the noise created by so many golf carts. Add to this, the constant noise from around midnight until past three in the morning from the bar crowds. What we hear most often is, “why are they trying to create an extension of OC here?” “What is happening to the peaceful and charming Avalon?” These are followed by “We hate to end our annual vacations in Avalon, but this isn’t the Avalon we knew and loved!” Do we really want to continue attracting tourists that don’t appreciate our town?

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