The Thompson Reservoir Level as of Wednesday, Nov. 20, is 399 acre-feet.

This was not good news by any means. As anyone who reads this blog knows, mandatory by-the-gallon water rationing will begin when the water level drops to 300 acre feet. An acre foot is enough water to cover an acre of land 1-foot deep.

As I told you last week, the water level measured 405 acre feet on Thursday, Nov. 7 and on Thursday, Oct. 31.

Back in August, a Southern California Edison representative said Avalon could go into Stage 2 (by-the-gallon) water rationing in January.

I actually think that at the current rate of the reservoir’s decline, Avalon might see strict rationing a bit later than that—in February or March. But I’m afraid Avalon residents must brace themselves for a few challenging months. Catalina has endured drought before and will endure drought again. It isn’t fair and it isn’t anyone’s fault. But it is a reality that Avalon must face.

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