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If you read this week’s Catalina Islander, you know that it is quite likely all Southern California Edison electricity customers will help to foot the bill for improvements to Catalina’s drinking water system. At 9 cents a month, the increase will ruin no one’s life, cost no jobs on the mainland, ruin no businesses.

Yet I expect some mainlanders will object on genera principal.

We’d like to know what you think about this. Is it really fair to ask people who do not live on the Island to help pay for Island utilities?

No one’s at fault. Let’s get that straight from the start. The fact that the 2013 Catalina Grand Prix motorcycle race had to be canceled just as the 2011 and 2012 races had to be canceled is not the result of human error or irresponsibility.

Some of the things that make Catalina Island unique, even special, also make it a logistical challenge for big events. Few other race courses would involve state and federal agencies as well as publicly and privately owned land.

Still, it seems a pity. Catalina Island could use some off-season events to boost visitor counts.

Maybe the focus should be on non-sport events like the Film Festival.

As of Thursday, Sept. 12, the Thompson Reservoir level measured 435 acre feet, a 7 acre foot drop from the previous week. Fresh water usage is expected to to decrease as the tourist season has ended and there are likely to be fewer visitors using water in Avalon. However, only rain—a lot of rain—will cause the fresh water level to rise. Water rationing will become mandatory when the Thompson Reservoir level measures 300 acre feet or less.

Congratulations, Ben Harvey, on becoming Avalon’s new city manager.

I’ve worked with Harvey in my capacity as a reporter and his capacity as region manager, public affairs, for Southern California Edison and I’ve always found him to be one of the best professional spokesmen I’ve dealt with. I’d be shocked if he proved any less skilled as a city manager.