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As of Wednesday, Aug. 28, the water level at the Thompson Reservoir measured 448 acre feet. Last week, the water level was 451 acre feet. The positive side of the decline in tourist activity as we move from summer to fall is that water usage will decrease, which in turn will slow the drain on Avalon’s supply of fresh water.

The bad news is that unless we get a lot of rain in a short period of time, strict water rationing—which goes into effect when the water level reaches 300 acre feet—is inevitable.

The Thompson Reservoir water level, as of today, Friday, Aug. 23, is 451 acre feet deep. Water rationing begins when the water level reaches 300 acre feet.

When Sean Brannock founded the Kids At Play program, he couldn’t have known he was creating an institution. Twenty years later, he has had a chance to celebrate his achievement. I hope I’m around to see the 40th anniversary celebration.

During World War II, the government asked travelers a question: is this trip really necessary?

Now, as the real possibility of water rationing looms on Avalon’s horizon, it may be time for Islanders and guests to ask themselves a similar question: is this water really necessary?

Public Works crews seldom make the news. Their work isn’t glamorous and when things go well, no one gives them or their labors much thought. Reporters like myself focus on when things go wrong. In recent weeks, Avalon has had to deal with broken saltwater systems and a deteriorating storm drain.

So let us stop to thank Avalon’s Public Works staff as well as employees of Environ Strategy and Jordahl Construction for their work on behalf of the community.