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Recently, Council Member Ralph Morrow encouraged the public to report crimes and suspicious activity to the Avalon Sheriff’s Station–or to Morrow himself, if for some reason you’re afraid to speak with Sheriff’s Station personnel.

It was good advice. I don’t write much about crime on Catalina, but on the mainland I cover a fair amount. Suffice it to say, law enforcement officers can only investigate crimes they know about. Avalon’s deputies are talented, well-trained individuals, but their talents do not include reading minds. If they don’t know about it, they can’t do anything about it.

First, I have to congratulate Wayne Griffin, president and CEO, of the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce for earning the California Chamber of Commerce President’s Circle award to Wayne Griffin for “Outstanding Achievement as an Advocacy Partner and in Helping Businesses Comply with California Labor Laws.”

Second, let me offer my congratulations to 2013-2014 Chamber of Commerce Board Chariman Kevin Strege.

On July 2, I received good news from the commander of Avalon’s Sheriff’s station.

“Two Avalon deputies, Danny Torres and Steve Wilkinson, were recognized by Sheriff Baca last month for providing the residents of Los Angeles County with thirty years of distinguished service,” Capt. Doug Fetteroll, commander, Avalon Sheriff’s Station.

Congratulations to deputies Torres and Wilkinson.

In 2007, a wildfire endangered Avalon. Last Sunday, June 30, an Arizona fire that has devoured well over 8,000 acres of land claimed 19 firefighters’ lives. One of those lives belonged to Garrett Zuppiger, 27, son of Avalon building inspector Bryan Zuppiger.

I’ve no doubt that Islanders keep Garret Zuppiger and his family in their thoughts and prayers.