I don’t know Fire Chief/City Manager Steve Hoefs well. But I’ve covered five communities with city or general managers during the last four years and the impression I get is one of solid professionalism.

I was impressed when Hoefs and Chief Administrative Officer Charlie Wagner were hired to share the city manager position. I think other cities would benefit both financially and politically from a similar approach to the city manager’s position. A typical full-time city manager lasts three to six years before quitting or being fired. That raises the compensation they expect–and means the smart ones begin looking for the next job as soon as they sign on for the new job.

And that influences the projects they pursue.

Will Avalon hire two part time city leaders again? Who knows? The council may decide the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. They are in a better position to know that than I am. I can only hope that Hoefs’ successor and Avalon are a good match.

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