First, let me say that I respect the good taste of anyone who wants their story told by the Catalina Islander. That said, there are some things you should know.

Editors never guarantee that a submission to the paper will be published.

If you do submit something, just send a simple press release by e-mail to Include the time, day of the week, date and address of the event.

I once edited a press release from a man who got the name of the event wrong, the subject of the event wrong, the date and time of the event wrong and the address where the event would take place wrong. His wife said: “I’m never asking my husband to write a press release again.”

I have the strangest feeling those mistakes were no accident.

However, the husband did do one thing right: he included contact information for the editors. If you don’t want the public to know your contact information, make sure the information appears after the words “media only.”

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of contact information. I’ve seen stories go unpublished because the publications I worked for had no way to contact the person who submitted a story. I once read a press release that went on-and-on about how important the event in question was—but failed to tell me where the important event was taking place. Fortunately, that writer did include contact information—and the story eventually made its way into print.

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