It’s a shame Catalina will have to wait a year for the second cruise ship to arrive, but the news that Carnival will send a second ship to the Island is very good news indeed.

Tourists bring dollars, obviously, but each happy tourist is a walking ad for the Island–an ad no one has to pay for. That fact alone places the second cruise ship on the positive side of the ledger.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the tourists will come during the winter season, when the Island needs all the boosting it can get. Off season traffic keeps Avalon alive.

I don’t write enough good news stories. The nature of my work requires me to occasionally write about negative things. So writing about the second Carnival ship coming to Catalina was a boost for me as well as the Island.

Islander Editor Dennis Kaiser also reported on the potential expansion of Catalina’s cable TV offerings. Even more good news. Tourists like their TV, so that’s another plus for the Island.

All in all, a good week for Catalina. Let’s hope for more.

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