Once you heard his voice, “California’s Gold” host Huell Howser stayed in your mind forever. It has been at least a decade since I saw one of his programs and I can still remember his distinct cadence.

The human interest stories he told weren’t my thing. I’m a hard news guy and therefore interested in hard news. Yet as I grow older, I have more appreciation for the “soft news” that Howser specialized in. They aren’t the stories I do best, but I’m glad someone was there to tell them—and suspect my industry would be more respected if there were more Howsers telling more “soft” stories.

As for the man himself, Howser made California a better place, gave people pleasure and earned a living doing both. Not a bad epitath for anyone.

The last Howser show that I ever watched ended with Howser saying he came away with “memories that will last a lifetime.” In fact, he specialized in giving his viewers memories that will last a lifetime.

Memories of Howser will last a lifetime for millions of Californians and thousands of Catalina Islanders. And as long as he’s remembered, he won’t really be gone.

Thanks, Mr. Howser.

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